Business Intelligence

Exsilio interprets and solves business challenges by helping your leadership team design procedures and structures that enhance the work of your organization. Our business analysts will guide your business toward solid growth by developing business intelligence dashboards and converting data reports into actionable recommendations.

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Reporting & Visualization

In today’s competitive environment, reducing cost and improving quality of business decisions is vital for growth. Exsilio’s reporting and visualization service offers a solid platform for developing critical business insight at a glance from a myriad of data visualization and reporting alternatives.


A strong solution involves having the proper data points, scorecards and key performance indicators. These enable you to easily mine your data for patterns, trends, and associations, giving you the insight you need to produce what-if scenarios for predictive results.


We offer best-in-class data management services with an emphasis on visualization and reporting. Our reporting solutions focus on presenting a graphical view with ability to drill down as per pre-defined and ad-hoc business value indicators. Integrating data from heterogeneous sources, we specialize in presenting one unified view across multiple decision dimensions.

Warehouse Design & Implementation

Being able to truly understand the data behind your company is imperative to successful business decisions. Exsilio-designed data warehouses consolidate data from across your organization, and provides a common data model from which new insights can be discovered.


World Class Solution

A well designed data warehouse enables an organization to respond quickly to market changes and take advantage of new opportunities. Our team of experienced data architects and engineers can help you create a world class BI solution that is custom tailored to your businesses’ unique needs.

Ready For Growth

Exsilio has the experience and knowledge to help you design a data warehouse and BI platform that is scalable. We build solutions that serve your business both today, and in the future.

Business Analytics & Insight

Truly understanding the data behind your company, and your company’s actions are a must when making successful business decisions. Core elements include: business strategy mapping, business trends analysis, marketing plans, and sales forecasts.



Equipped with an in-depth knowledge of our clients business, our analysts create a set of custom Key Performance Indicators that track progress and identify opportunities for growth and improvement. We work closely with your team to identify milestones that illustrate current performance at a granular level.


Accurate data is valuable in making business decisions. Businesses rely on meaningful, data-based insights to make high level decisions that impact their organization, employees, finances, and customers. Reliable data is a must-have for making executive decisions.

Enterprise Data Architecture

Starting with solid systems architecture at the beginning will save your company time and money. We work hard to deliver the solution you need to scale and grow.

Reliable Foundation

For the success of your systems, it is crucial to work with experienced system architects and engineers to help bridge the gap between your current and future systems. Exsilio identifies possible points of failure early on, to ensure delivery of highly dependable and rock-solid systems.

Master Planning

Diligent planning is crucial for highly-operational applications, networks, and data layers. Our team ensures your business requirements are effectively evaluated, and that the application we deliver exceeds your expectations.

Data Performance & Optimization

Database performance issues can have far-reaching effects across an organization. Lost productivity, increased server costs, and low employee satisfaction are just a few of the many issues that can stem from poor database performance.

Database Experts

Our teams offer an arsenal of diverse, expert knowledge and fierce dedication to the success of our clients. We work with you to understand the intricacies of your business and build a strategy to resolve data performance and optimization issues.

Complete Solution

Our team of dedicated database experts can help you solve your performance issues, and provide you with a solution that is capable of growing along with your business in the future.