Marketing & Management

Exsilio’s marketing team creates effective marketing plans to successfully grow your company and raise awareness of your products and services. We strive to understand your marketing goals, product positioning and target audience so campaign managers can create the best online, offline, and in-person recipe for engaging your customers.

Campaign Strategy & Execution

Exsilio is dedicated to understanding your marketing goals and target audience, to formulate an effective plan to engage and retain your customers.


The components of a successful marketing campaign may vary, but almost always include similar key elements. Exsilio goes in-depth to understand your business, marketing goals, product positioning, and target audience. This enables our team to create marketing plans and campaigns that speak your customers’ language.

Successful Marketing Practices

Exsilio’s marketing team has a broad range of experience from digital advertising to event planning and execution. This talent base means that any aspect of your project will be covered by a knowledgeable resource; our marketing managers leverage each other’s skills and experiences to add value to your marketing efforts.

Digital & Social Marketing

Knowing how your customers spend their time online is important in building a tactical marketing plan. Digital/social media gives us the opportunity not only to understand trends and insights, but also to reach, engage, convince and convert your target audience.


Growing Your Customer Base Online

Strategically integrated digital/social marketing campaigns support your brand in targeting the right audience more efficiently, and can also significantly lower cost.

Online Marketing Execution

It is important to reach your target audience and achieve your campaign goals strategically. At Exsilio, our marketing managers have expertise in each aspect of digital/social campaign execution to guarantee effective marketing planning with successful tactical implementation.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a key tactic in increasing visibility in search results, helping to promote your website to its full potential.



Relevance is key when it comes to search results. Exsilio’s expertise in ad content and keyword generation can help your campaign to reach bigger audiences for more qualified leads.


Data can be turned into information, to tell a story about the overall health of a marketing campaign. Exsilio generates reports that turn data into meaningful visual results. Using these reports will help to show trends that you can use to monitor and maximize the value of your campaign.

Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing your Search Engine Marketing includes updating content, keywords and budget based on the tactic that will best maximize ranking and number of clicks on your ads.



Exsilio’s marketing team works to fully understand our clients’ campaigns and timelines. We focus on adjusting ad content to achieve the maximum level of visibility. We also optimize campaigns based on special events and promotions throughout the life-cycle of the campaign.


With insight from reporting and data, the campaign budget can be allocated to the most effective tactics. Our marketing team does full analysis and strategizes the campaign tactics to get the most out of your campaign budget.