Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM App is a maturity model infographic application, designed and developed by Exsilio for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM team. This app enables the Microsoft government sales team to evaluate technology maturity with their customers. Maturity scores are assigned to specific organizational areas, reflecting the levels of sophistication currently in place versus the business importance and relevance. These scores serve as conversation starters about the software tools supporting a customer’s business processes.  The end result is a rendered intuitive infographic-based presentation.  Based on the maturity and importance chosen for each organizational area, various recommendations and call-to-actions are proposed, elevating the level of relationship and conversation with the client, and creating a higher value business relationship.

For this project Exsilio developed a Windows Store App using HTML5 and WinJS, publishing and distributing the app via the Microsoft Company Portal.  This application can be used as a tool to prepare a polished PowerPoint presentation that shows which technology trends will provide the customer the greatest opportunity for improvement before a customer meeting, or to facilitate a real-time conversation either remotely or in-person.

Windows 8 App
Power Point
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