Orange Studios

Early in 2014, Exsilio Solutions was tasked to help brand a co-working space that would later be known as Orange Studios. As the first communal workspace in the Redmond, WA area, Exsilio had to deliver a brand concept built from the ground up. To achieve this, the creative team drew inspiration from the spirit of startups and created an identity that was bold, original and fun.

Orange Studios opened its doors on January 2015, and has since been featured in many magazines and online newspapers. One of the prominent features inside the studios, are the unique wall murals designed by Exsilio’s creative team. The creativity of the project has been quickly recognized and praised by the startup community in the area.

Today, Exsilio continues to provide ongoing creative support and enjoys playing with the bold, fun branding.

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Start of An Idea
Creating an identity

Before settling on the name – Orange Studios, the creative team went through many rounds of revisions and name ideas. In the end, Orange Studios was selected because it was simple, easy to remember and the black and orange colors provided the perfect foundation for creating a bold design.

The chosen design

Capturing the idea of a “studio” or building, the logo for Orange Studios is built with a perspective. This otherwise modern flat design, has an added dimension to convey that sense of space. The open door represents a friendly environment along with its 24 hour membership access.

Style Guide
Finding the right style

Playing on the perspective and colors of the logo, Exsilio created brand elements that would easily be recognized as a piece of Orange Studios. The look is bold with strong lettering and high contrast of colors. The fun illustrations and triangle pattern used also used to help soften the look and add a creative fun flair to the design.

The Digital Space

Adhering to the initial style guide, Exsilio created an online presence for Orange Studios based on the same ideals. Images and illustrations are paired with large titles to create emphasis on key messages.

Member’s portal

The internal portal is an exclusive area for current Orange Studios members to receive announcements and make changes to their account. This comprehensive portal was built by the Exsilio creative and development team to give members the freedom and control to manage their own team and conference schedules.

Social Presence
Social Media Branding

To reach potential customers for Orange Studios, Exsilio provided branding and marketing support for all social media campaigns. The range of diversity in the online presence helped drive traffic to the web page and increase awareness of the business. Matching business banners were used to create an easier brand recognition through repetition.

The Outdoor Space
Exterior signage

Exsilio worked with local vendors and city officials to create an exterior that that was not only compliant but unique. The chosen design was selected for its simplicity and ease of recognition from afar.

Off The Walls
A different kind of mural

Inspired by the spirit of entrepreneurs and startups, Exsilio created a space that would help businesses to grow. Some wall murals featured out of the box ideas ranging anywhere from crop circles to pink elephants and even a yeti. This bold approach has helped Orange Studios quickly become a recognized hot-topic in the Redmond startup community.

Unique doors

Everything in Orange Studios is a custom made piece and Exsilio made sure to deliver fun elements that inspired. Even the men’s and women’s bathroom doors inside the studio are branded with fun quotes.

A Creative Conference
Inspiring conference

One of the most striking visuals inside Orange Studios, is a conference table custom designed by Exsilio. This fun scene depicting a UFO encounter at a farmhouse, while random, is an excellent conversation piece. This unique element makes the conference room a popular and highly preferred reservation spot.

Grand Opening
Designing the grand opening

Exsilio helped celebrate the Grand Opening of Orange Studios by providing a wide range of creative resources. The creative team put together everything from flyers and pens to bus ads that ran in the Redmond, WA area. The extensive marketing campaigns combined with other networking outlets served as a comprehensive outreach to the entrepreneurial community. The event turned out to be a huge success with many guests stopping by to see the new creative space.

Orange Studios Sub-brand
Startup educational series

The Exsilio team created the logo and promotional materials for the Startup Educational Series, an event hosted at Orange Studios. Each presentation addresses common start up concerns and provides advice to both beginners and advanced entrepreneurs.

More to come

Exsilio continues to provide ongoing brand support for Orange Studios. From social media marketing to email newsletters, Exsilio makes sure the brand adheres to the style guide as it continues to grows and evolve.

Thinking about re-branding your business?

If you like what you see here, Exsilio can help refresh your business’s branding as well. Contact our Creative Department today!

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