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UX, UI & Interactive Design

UX, UI &

Experiences that delight

We create products for our clients which provide meaningful, relevant and flexible experiences that delight their customers. This involves the whole design process of collecting and uniting the product, with a set focus on the user through branding, design, usability, accessibility and functionality.
UX, UI & Interaction Design


Information Architecture (IA) is about connecting people to content in a way that is most understandable to them. It creates a hierarchy of content. It takes the different types of information into context and organizes it in a manner that makes it easy to find.

Good IA is important because it gives a product a competitive advantage by letting users perform their tasks with the least amount of effort possible with the most pleasant experience.


Prototyping offers a quick and flexible way to test what looks great and is fit for purpose, whether it’s for a mobile app or a website. It offers a way to iterate based on feedback from stakeholders and users in the context of usability studies.

This provides insight into the functionality of the design and any changes needed in order to make a product delightful and functional. It brings you closer to the final functionality of the product before investing time, resources, and money into development.


Interaction design (IxD) is an aspect of the user experience (UX) that aims to provide a pleasurable and seamless user-software interaction. It’s particularly important because users who get frustrated when interacting with apps will tend to close and delete them as soon as they try them for the first time.

Interaction design focuses on the moment when a user interacts with a product and its goal is to improve the interactive experience. 

Visual Design

Visual design is about using the visual aspect of a product to improve the user’s experience. While visual design is not all there is to design, it is a crucial part of a well-thought-out product. It communicates a lot about a company’s brand and can be influential in how desirable and engaging a product is.

Visual design informs us how a product works via color, visual hierarchy, typography and thus is a crucial part of the overall user experience.


Usability deals with leveraging data to determine the validity of design decisions. While in any given company there are people from different backgrounds speaking to the goals of the business or specific engineering constraints, it is the role of the UX designer to champion for the needs of a user and communicate any frustrations/pain points felt during the use of a product.

This data can be obtained in a variety of ways—from focus groups to surveys, from lab-based usability studies to one-on-one interviews, site visits, A/B testing, and more.


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