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Elevate your IT with Windows 365 and Exsilio

“Exsilio’s approach to Windows 365 is unique and deeply rooted in a commitment to comprehending your distinct needs and helping create the right solution.”

Transform your IT experience with custom solutions

With an impressive track record built on years of mastery, our team is uniquely positioned to swiftly address issues, thanks to our close connection with your licenses. Count on Exsilio to outpace competitors, ensuring rapid responses and seamless problem-solving, while keeping your business connected and thriving.

Say goodbye to repairs and ongoing maintenance

Advanced security options for any location

Easily manage IT across multiple locations

A cost effective solution to scale your IT infrastructure

Partner with Exsilio and upgrade your IT experience

When you choose Exsilio, you’re not just getting a service provider. You’re gaining a partner committed to your success. Experience the difference with Exsilio where expertise meets excellence.

Cost savings plus performance optimization

$31month per seat
  • 2vCPU, 4GB RAM, 128 GB storage
  • Requires Microsoft email account as a minimum
  • Remote access with virtual machines
$41month per seat
  • 2vCPU, 8 GB RAM, 128 GB storage
  • Microsoft 365 and Azure ( Entra ) required
  • Remote access to virtual machines with apps and data security
  • Azure firewall protection options
$28month per seat
  • 2vCPU, 4 GB RAM, 64 GB storage
  • Microsoft 365 and Azure required. Microsoft 365 Business Premium comes with Azure subscription
  • Access to Microsoft Intone portal for self service options
  • Remote access to virtual machines
  • Conditional access policies with Enterprise for even more security

Scale your productivity with all the apps you need

Exsilio will find the solution that fits you. Schedule a free consultation with our experts to review options and find what apps you need.

If your business has unique computing requirements with remote access, Windows 365 has you covered. Different apps and machine sizes are tailored to your specific needs – various Microsoft solutions like Microsoft 365 or Office are available to connect your team.

Protect your business beyond standard security

Azure (now rebranded as Entra) serves as a business’s data storage and backup. Exsilio will offer the same ‘pay as you go’ system that Azure uses for regular client signup. Clients have the same experience as signing on with Azure, but with the added benefit of Exsilio working with you to create roles, assign users and assist with data transfers.

Azure firewalls can keep your data secure beyond the standard MultiFactor authentication and Zero trust systems in place for Windows 365. Deploy custom login or privacy settings with Exsilio to better protect your business today.


"Exsilio Solutions’ approach to Windows 365 is rooted in a deep commitment to understanding your distinct needs and aspirations. Exsilio believes in technology’s potential to transform businesses, and they channel that belief into creating tailored solutions that resonate with your objectives. With Exsilio, Windows 365 becomes the key to unlocking your organization’s full potential."


VP, Windows 365 and Azure Visual Desktop, Microsoft

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Exsilio is ready to be your partner in Microsoft software and IT solutions. We have the experience, expertise, and hands-on management to make your Windows implementation an ongoing success.

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